So, what is the plan for this Sunday? (15.3.2020)


Wow… this has been a crazy week for all of us I believe. I trust that you are standing firm in Christ, the anchor of our souls, while it seems like the rest of our city, nation and world is being tossed and turned on the waves created by COVID-19.

Due to the ban on public gatherings resulting from COVID-19, regular services at CityLight will be postponed until after the 29th.

Thank God that the Church is you and I under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and not just a once a week gathering! So, while we can’t have Sunday services we do encourage you to ‘be the church’ – to keep being connected via small groups and our online platforms. Let’s be a community of Christ and bear witnesses to His Spirit- not of fear, but love, power and a sound mind!

So, what is the plan for this Sunday? (15.3.2020)

We will have a short live teaching (bilingual) and time of connecting live for fellowship and prayer via online platforms.

Here is how it will work this Sunday:

Time: Sunday 10AM

We will broadcast via Facebook Live Feed:

Of course, feel free to share the link and encourage friends to tune in. There is also the comment and like features which help generate a bit of traffic as well. Let’s turn this unplanned problem into an opportunity!

Right after a brief message we will switch to a group video chat for a time of fellowship & prayer requests.

10:30 AM  CityLight Fellowship & Prayer

We will have a ZOOM chat for anyone who wants to have some fellowship and prayer. Here is the link:

If you don’t have ZOOM download it via the AppStore or

On a technical note:  We will see how all of this functions this week and decide if this format works or if we need to upgrade to other platforms or tech. The Facebook platform seems the easiest as most people have it already and it doesn’t require extra downloads of software to access it. If you have some insights or constructive suggestions please email Patrick at

Thanks, and hope to connect with you on Sunday at 10AM!

If you need prayer, assistance, fellowship… whatever during these next few weeks please don’t hesitate to contact us ( We would be happy to serve you.

Much love,

Patrick + Ivetka

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